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Tech-driven supply chains: a career worth exploring

Broes De Cat - October 10, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

Tech-driven supply chains: a career worth exploring

When I try to explain my career in supply chain technology to my family, I often get puzzled looks. For them, it’s like trying to piece together a puzzle without referencing the picture on the box. In this blog post, I'd like to paint that picture and show how the pieces fall into place.

I'll also map out my professional path and show how pursuing a career in supply chain tech was my best move yet!


Solving real-world problems with technology

Throughout my education and career, my focus has always been on using technology to tackle real-world problems, viewing it as a tool rather than an end goal.

“Instead of saying, ‘I work in technology,’ I prefer to say, ‘I work in supply chain planning, where technology helps us solve practical issues.'"

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Starting with a background in civil engineering and computer science, I eventually earned a PhD in artificial intelligence. As I wrapped up my PhD and started looking for my first job outside of university, I realized that supply chains present complex optimization challenges that technology can untangle. The more complex and tangible the problems, the more I’m drawn to them. And that’s where OMP came into the picture. Given OMP’s pioneering role in supply chain tech in Belgium, where I live, it was an easy choice to make. 

As a software developer at OMP, I quickly discovered that working in a tech company is more dynamic than working in the IT department of a supply chain organization. OMP's technological expertise goes beyond engineering; it covers mathematics, data science, and AI. The solutions you create here have a global impact across diverse industries. It pushes you to develop adaptable software that can be tailored to specific industry needs.

Tech-driven supply chains: a career worth exploring

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Growing along with a people-centric company

But my journey didn’t end with coding. OMP is a growing company that genuinely cares about its people. They offer room to grow, no matter which path you choose within the organization.

I've switched roles three times during my time here. Starting as a software developer, I focused on building various product features. Then, I became a technical architect, overseeing the overall product development. Later on, I moved into a more functional role, analyzing which products we should develop. Finally, I landed as an innovation manager, keeping a broader and more long-term perspective.

Each role added to my knowledge, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to try out different positions. It’s been eye-opening in discovering where I find the most job satisfaction: contributing to long-term success by connecting the dots and turning ideas into working prototypes.

“Concepts like generative AI and chatbots are shaking up our work, and it’s exciting to explore how they fit into existing technologies.”


Gaining industry-specific knowledge

Working at a supply chain tech company has opened my eyes to a world of different companies and industries.

Each industry has its own unique challenges: consumer behavior shifts in consumer goods, rules and regulations in life sciences, and ambitious sustainability goals in metals. Thanks to OMP's expertise in these areas, I've picked up loads of valuable information that helps me make innovative decisions across industries today.

“Why limit yourself to one big company when you can work for all of them?”

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Tech-driven supply chains: a career worth exploring

Our supply chain consultants work closely with our customers to fully understand the specific challenges they face in their industries. As an innovation manager, I’m right there on the front lines, actively listening to what our customers need, both in the short term and the long term. I’m also in touch with universities to stay on top of the latest groundbreaking research in our field. This helps me identify and prototype solutions that will ensure success in the future.

Trust me, working with global Fortune 500 companies and universities keeps things interesting. You won’t be bored!

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Shared goals, shared successes

One of the things I love most about my job is our collaborative culture. At OMP, collaboration is more than just a buzzword — it's part of everything we do.

From software developers to consultants and customers, open communication is key. Everyone is driven by a shared goal: finding solutions. This dynamic creates a pleasant atmosphere. OMP is a place where people genuinely enjoy what they do.


Find your passion and purpose

If you're thinking about a job in tech, my advice is simple: reflect on what truly satisfies you in a job. Is it customer interaction, tackling technical challenges, developing strategies, or something else entirely?

Choose a job that aligns with your passions, and consider a company that encourages exploration and growth. A career in supply chain technology can be as rewarding and impactful as mine, offering countless opportunities to solve real-world problems.


Want to learn more about how OMP is revolutionizing supply chains?

Broes De Cat

Product Innovation Manager at OMP BE


Broes finds his challenge in shaping OMP’s product road map to support the supply chains of the future. He takes a broad approach to supply chain resilience, deploying techniques such as process mining, building models from execution data, and developing optimization and business rules for hyperautomation, as well as stochastics and ML.

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