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Customer solutions

Making a difference for production industries

Key challenge

We help customers master their supply chain by finding and implementing innovative solutions. Our goal? Adding value and increasing satisfaction for everyone involved.

Customer focus

Establishing good connections is key. We listen carefully to our customers and master the language of their industries. Together, we build solutions that add value. We always deliver what we promise.

Customer Solutions - Megha Gupta

“We visit customers in all regions, to understand their needs and design a solution that works for everyone.”

Megha, Project Manager
Jan, Advisory Manager

Understanding industries

A sparring partner at eye level
We know our customers inside out. With over 30 years of expertise, our industry specialists enjoy an outstanding reputation in chemicals, life sciences, consumer goods, metals, paper, plastic film, packaging, and more.

Team up

Moving on together
We guide our customers through the phases of analysis, prototyping, parameter setting, testing, validation, solver tuning, documentation, training, and post-implementation support. Clear project management and strong teamwork make or break a project. Are you a team player?


Making it work
Our consultants are renowned for their commitment and perseverance. We don't rest until the solution runs as promised and as planned. From solution design and configuration to execution and empowerment, our final goal is a happy customer.

Technical focus

What skills does a consultant need? Besides an outspoken customer-focus, supply chain planning expertise, and industry know-how, solid technical expertise is a must. With this unique mix of skills our consultants stand out in the supply chain business. Do you have what it takes?

The skill to apply

Mastering technology to leverage smart concepts
Deep insight into our solution’s technology, architecture, and functionality is absolutely key. Our consultants rely on their know-how to design concepts and solutions that make a difference in the real world.

The art to adapt

Implementing our solution to reach the perfect fit
Configuring our solution to the customer’s needs requires solid product expertise. Consultants rely on their technical skills to implement strong concepts into solutions for a wide range of industries.

The desire to improve

Market-driven innovation
Stimulating customer feedback is a great way to enhance our overall technology and specific industry solutions. Our team engages in dialogue to identify opportunities for improvement. By adding their own touch to the process, consultants tailor solutions based on their estimate of what future markets need.

Pratima Siddheshwar

“Some colleagues get a thrill from building new technology. I get my energy from initiating customers into our technology. That doesn't mean I spend my days holding their hand. I alternate research and preparation time at my desk with shoulder-to-shoulder education at our customers' site. That feels like getting the best of two worlds.”

Pratima, User Engagement Consultant

Network focus

Customers at our core, experts in our wings. Our consultants are supported by experts to provide the best solutions to our customers.

Joshua Bermudez

"Thanks to our direct interaction with the customer, we’re ideally placed to help improve our solution’s user-friendliness. I’m eager to collect useful feedback and redirect it to our development teams. They translate our suggestions into meaningful changes that make customers’ lives a lot easier."

Joshua, User Engagement Consultant

Customers first

Our alpha and our omega
We always work towards the best customer experience possible. To do this, we need to understand what keeps our customers up at night, build solutions that ease their work, and anticipate future needs. Although we often visit customers, we don’t outsource our consultants. To bring the quality we strive for, we remain rooted in our teams of experts.

Design and Development

Pushing technology
Consultants bridge the gap between customers and our product specialists. They identify customer needs and match requirements to technical possibilities. As such, they keep strong ties with Product Design and Software Development.

Customer Services

The OMP experience
Customers can rely on support and maintenance long after the software has gone live. That’s why our team closely collaborates with Customer Services as well.