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Software Development

Ignite your technical creativity

Key challenge

Do you want to create smart, robust, and scalable software to solve complex supply chain planning challenges? If so, Software Development is where you need to be.

Technical focus

We focus on performant tools, languages, and dynamic software architecture. Every member of our team is involved throughout the entire software development lifecycle.


“I’m crazy about technology. If you let me, I would focus all day on software, algorithms, and code, and my colleagues are just as passionate as me about this stuff! We use the best tools in the business, and you might be surprised by the variety of challenges we face. Time just flies by — that’s what happens when you’re having fun.”

Fasil, Software Architect

Top technology

The right tools for the job
We optimize our applications for performance, speed, and memory. That’s why our team gets the best tools for the job. Modern-style C++, C#, Javascript (React), Python, and TensorFlow lie at the core of our applications. Our coaching and training programs will help you master those technologies.

The path of evolution

Critical yet constructive
Technology keeps evolving. So do we. Our top priority is staying up-to-date with the most recent standards and trends in software, design, and architecture. As independent thinkers, we embrace new technology that is backed up by evidence. Supported by our continuous learning program, the flagship of OMP.

Full-scope development

The integrated approach
To add true value to software, you need to see the bigger picture. That’s why our team members take part in the entire software development lifecycle: from analysis, design, and programming to debugging. To get the overview, you have to be involved from the start.

Customer focus

Customer satisfaction is key. With that in mind, we transform bright ideas into leading software. Are you ready for some action?

Keeping it simple

We make life easier
Supply chain planning is a challenging business. Our customers expect simple solutions for complex problems. That requires a solid technical background and abstract thinking from our side. Thanks to our team’s efforts, planning becomes fun again.

Thinking along

Focused on the users
As software engineers, we always ask ourselves, “what’s in it for the users?” We design solutions to be user-centric and functional, with intuitive UIs that unlock valuable data and results. Are you committed to thinking along with our customers and adding value all the way?

Making it happen

Committed to deliver
Our customers operate in dynamic and disruptive markets where challenges shift overnight. Our solutions need to be flexible enough to cope. We apply scrum methodology to anticipate changing circumstances and exceed customer expectations. In order to keep complex projects on track and in-budget, we maintain excellent project management.

Nelsie Borja

“Customers operate in a lively marketplace, where the rules can change overnight. So, we have to be just as agile, ahead of the game, to help them meet these challenges. That’s what draws me most to this work. We can never stand still — our solutions have to be flexible enough for every situation. And that means commitment.”

Nelsie, Front-end Software Engineer

Network focus

Team up with our experts

Philippe Tanghe

"Developing software is teamwork. You don’t only collaborate closely with your fellow programmers, but also with consultants and product managers.”

Philippe, Software Architect

Software Development

Our team is our home base
We work together as one team. Sharing know-how with each other. Teaching each other the tricks of the trade. And giving you the help you need on top of all our coaching programs.

Product Design

Turning dreams into reality
Based on deep insight into our planning solution, supply chain management, market needs, and customer feedback, Product Design develops functional requirements based on a clear future vision. We challenge those ideas and translate them into cutting-edge technology.

Quality Assurance

Laying the foundation for software excellence
Developing high-quality software requires a clean design, defensive programming, and thorough quality testing and control. Applying the appropriate processes and tools helps us to find and solve potential issues at an early stage. To that end, we perform design reviews, code reviews, and unit tests. We share our responsibility in this field with the Quality Assurance team, which focuses on end-user quality and stability of customer releases.