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How we run our customer projects

Analysis and design

Turning challenges into solutions

The first step in solving any issue is identifying it. The Customer Solutions team helps customers understand the planning challenges they are facing and find new ways to cope. Starting from a business case, the Advisory team then analyzes the situation. Together with the solution architects and the aid of our experts and consultants, they draft the global design for solutions that boost customer value.

Advisory Manager

Makes business cases, analysis of as-is and to-be, value program and solution design

Account Manager

Serves as a trusted partner throughout the entire cycle from concept through implementation and beyond

Cloud Architect

Responsible for the cloud setup to ensure optimal performance

Cloud Engineer

Supports the Cloud Architect during the cloud setup

Product Expert

Adds know-how of specific OMP technology and products to the design

Program Manager

Supervises all projects related to one assigned customer account

Project Manager

Coordinates several customer projects

Solution Architect

Responsible for the global solution design with respect for industry-specific challenges

Supply Chain Consultant

Supports the solution architect and experts with the global design

User support

Keeping solutions running

Our helpdesk answers both functional and technical questions to guarantee business continuity. If we can’t solve the problem ourselves, we find the experts who can. In addition to our hotline services, we perform proactive health checks to monitor the proper functioning of databases and interfaces. Finally, we deliver patches, builds, and releases, and help our customers to understand and use new features to the fullest.

Customer Application Consultant

Captures, passes, and solves questions and requests related to specific customer applications

Customer Application Expert

Offers expert advice as OMP’s single point of contact for specific customer applications

Customer Services Consultant

Provides first or second line support to customers with functional or technical questions

Customer Services Expert

Provides specialist advice on customer questions related to their specific field of expertise

Customer Services Manager

Manages all support-related topics for specific customer accounts

Configuration and go-live

From design to implementation

Once the global design is approved, all project team members join forces to get things on the road. The solution is implemented step by step. All composing elements are configured as requested, including integration and smooth interaction between all planning functionalities. We build the solution and assist customers before, during, and beyond implementation.

Cloud Consultant

Prepares the required customer cloud infrastructure and installs the solution in the cloud

Product Consultant

Supervises the correct implementation of specific parts of our technology

Product Expert

Provides advanced support on the products in their field of expertise

Project Manager

Coordinates the overall implementation process for unique customer projects

Solution Architect

Oversees the implementation respecting the global design

Solution Analyst

Controls and configures industry-specific challenges

Supply Chain Consultant

Finetunes the solution to specific customer requests and specifications

User engagement

Train, inform, and coach for maximum results

User Engagement helps customers understand the solution and use it to its full potential. Our training, documentation, user and key user coaching build planner expertise and motivation. We’re there for our customers as their trusted partner from start to finish.

Project Manager

Oversees the customer’s user engagement program

User Engagement Consultant

Coaches and supports the customer in the adoption of our solution

User Engagement Manager

Monitors and streamlines user engagement processes

Training & Documentation Consultant

Designs and develops training programs and product documentation for users

Training & Documentation Manager

Manages the activities of the Training and Documentation team for specific projects, industries, or functionalities