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Supporting Teams

Technical services

Technical Services

Providing the right tools for success

Not all technical profiles work on our commercial software. Most of our teams rely on specialist technology for their job. Technical Services provides the necessary operational framework at OMP and ensures our ICT runs smoothly. In addition, we develop, maintain, and support the applications used internally and guarantee security. Our team follows up with the latest technologies to enable OMP’s growth. If ICT, cloud technology, internal applications, security, or installation is your thing, you’ll feel right home in our team.

Human Resources

Attract, support, and grow our talent

HR focuses on attracting, onboarding, supporting, and developing the smartest people in the business. Our highly-acclaimed training and coaching offering, personalized career-building program, and our dedicated talent center help our people thrive. We provide attractive compensation and benefits packages and develop international mobility programs in the interest of our employees. On top of that, we actively support management in nurturing a corporate culture that fosters inclusion, diversity, and respect. As a sustainable company, we like to lead by example in the way we treat our own staff.

Human resources
Finance and accounting

Finance & Accounting

In full control around the globe

As a multinational company, we have to know our way around in worldwide fiscal and legal legislation, rules, regulations, and practices, in all the countries we operate in. Although OMP is represented in ten countries, our customer base spreads over all continents. Finance & Accounting makes sure all fiscal obligations, compliance regulations, and legal deadlines are met. We manage banking and insurance matters. On top of that, we organize internal controls and processes and provide management reporting at group level. With revenue steadily on the rise, that’s a great story to contribute to.

Business Administration

Assisting customer-facing project teams

Business is booming. Project teams need all their time and resources to focus on delivering top solutions. That’s where we come in. Business Administration supports consultants and project managers worldwide in their customer projects and commercial administration duties. We take care of financial planning and budgets, offers and orders, invoicing and payments, as well as project controlling and management reporting. Moreover, we provide legal assistance in a vast range of specialties. In particular, the Business Administration team helps negotiate, close, and follow up with customer, supplier, and alliance contracts. That way, projects stay on track, and our specialists can focus on what they do best.

Business administration
Office and facillity management

Office & Facility Management

Leave the administration to the pros

Office Management ensures all administrative activities within OMP run smoothly and efficiently. Our team of all-rounders provides secretarial and practical assistance to other departments. We welcome customers, suppliers, and visitors alike at reception, accommodate meetings, and take and forward phone calls. We make sure people enjoy their workplace by taking care of buildings and premises, including meeting rooms and sports and recreational facilities. On behalf of our colleagues, we arrange travel plans and accommodations. In the office, we take care of ordering supplies and exhibition materials. Good organizational, communication, and customer service skills are our main assets. So is our smile. After all, we’re happy to be the face and voice of our company to the outside world.

Marketing & Communication

Join the conversation

Both our internal and external audiences need to know why our solution is so powerful, where we are headed, and how we deal with our continuous growth in expanding markets. Marketing & Communication engages the conversation, both online and in person. We create compelling content, build and reinforce our brand and identity, develop, feed, and maintain a wide range of communication channels. We even organize events and conferences. Our philosophy of authentic communication builds our company’s identity and supports a culture of openness and trust.

Marketing and communication