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Customer Services

Keeping it running

Key challenge

Our hotline user support, documentation, and long-term application management make sure everything runs smoothly.

Customer focus

As a single point of contact for all issues related to our technology, we think along with our customers to help them where we can. Do you have the brains and empathy to reinforce our team?

Ann Geens

"Working for top customers means living up to high expectations. Sure enough, our customers can be demanding. But they are professionals, just like us. Knowing we can meet their standards keeps me on top of my game. We go the extra mile to make sure things work smoothly. That's what our customers love about us. In turn, they reward us with their loyalty."

Ann, Customer Services Manager

One single point of contact

Support is just one call away
Helping customers is our life. We’re there to solve their issues and service requests. Although we’ll forward change requests and new development assignments to Customer Solutions, we don’t shy away from minor configurations ourselves. Besides, we gladly refresh our customers’ memory once they start using our solution. And if we sense they could benefit from touching up their skills, we recommend our training program to give their know-how an extra boost.

Flexible and dedicated

Aligned to our customers’ needs
Our multilingual team offers flexible help desk formulas, from regional support during business hours to global 24/7 support. We provide online troubleshooting and remote diagnosis to close issues fast. Now don’t you worry about shifts. When the day is over, our colleagues in the next time zone step in.

Continuous improvement

Quality is a work in progress
At OMP, we always go for impeccable service. All our processes are ITIL-based. We solve problems and perform root cause analyses according to clear SLAs. Our feedback loops and support history analysis help us to keep customers happy. So do our regular customer meetings, where we discuss progress, inquire about satisfaction levels, and identify new customer requirements firsthand. Are you ready to engage in the dialogue?

Technical focus

Balancing product expertise with softer skills.

Mastering our application

From helicopter view down to the details
For our support to be effective, we need to master our solution. But luckily, our knowhow is spread and bred throughout our team. Our internal cascade system mobilizes the right people for each question. To provide first line help, a general product overview is the Olympic minimum. Our second line team members each specialize in at least one specific field of expertise. Finally, the customer application experts from our third line can jump in with their deep knowledge on how our solution has been deployed at the customer’s site.

Strong communication skills

The art of connecting
In our line of services, communication is paramount. To fully understand and connect with customers, we need to listen carefully, read between the lines, speak clear language and ask the right questions. That’s why our staff are natural communicators. Do you have what it takes? How many languages do you master?

All-round management skills

From problem solving to people management
In our line of work, we rely on our problem-solving attitude and solid management skills. Closing issues is just where everything starts. Locating root causes and mending them requires quite a bit of reverse engineering. On top of that, we have to manage customer expectations, set priorities, keep track of time management, monitor SLAs, and provide guidance throughout regular customer meetings. Born project and people managers have a field day in our midst.

Danielle Vermeersch

“As a first-line Consultant, I am the first point of contact for the customer. I assign tickets to my second-line colleagues, or if necessary, to third-line colleagues.”

Danielle, Customer Services Consultant

Network focus

Making our customer’s day is everybody’s business.

John Esparza

"I feel part of a strong network. Knowing my organization inside and out helps me to find the experts I need quickly. At OMP, you’re surrounded by specialists who know the answers right away. And even if they don’t, they’ll know who else does. We always go for solutions as a team. Dealing with a great variety of questions has made me learn a lot. And it’s been a great way to meet a lot of new colleagues."

John, Customer Services Consultant

Customers first

Caring for our customers
Hiccups in the supply chain planning process cause disruptions for our customers. Our team is skilled at handling crises and setting the priorities straight. We go the extra mile to prevent problems from arising and solve all issues as quickly as possible. Do you like helping people too?

Reaching out to other experts

When support needs some support
Our team is smart enough to solve most current issues. For the odd case, we count on extra expertise from those who know our solution’s architecture and code inside out. When questions surpass our comfort zone, we dispatch them to the competence centers and experts from Customer Solutions, Product Design, Software Development, and Quality Assurance. You’re always stronger as a team, as long as you know your way around.

Supporting the ideation process

Co-designing our solution’s future
If you learn to give and take, you’ll make great friends for life. Together with Customer Solutions, we enrich our customers’ feedback with our own suggestions to make our software stronger. Product Design and Software Development warmly welcome our input. If we can call on their expertise to solve the more complex issues, we can provide our insights in return.