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Creating innovative software

How we keep improving our solution

Finding out what customers need

Identifying future market needs, concerns, and trends

Our innovation efforts focus on what people really need. Close partnerships foster open dialogue on customers’ wishes and concerns, and result in the design of a joint future road map. As a thought leader, we team up with academic research partners to follow up on what’s new. And our experts keep their eyes and ears wide open to scan for new trends and challenges in key industries and markets.

Account Manager

Talks future strategy and business as a key sparring partner to customers’ managers

Business Development Manager

Addresses future needs in our OMP Community, innovation, and industry councils

Customer Application Consultant

Scans for improvement potential in daily interaction with our customers

Customer Application Expert

Identifies new needs as a single point of contact for customers’ applications

Product Analyst

Scans feedback from internal teams and customers in search of improvement potential

Product Consultant

Transforms internal and external feedback into suggestions for improvement

Product Expert

Develops new ideas based on market trends, new technologies, customer project feedback, and personal experience

Product Manager

Defines the innovation strategy for specific applications

Solution Architect

Digs deeper into market trends and needs within their focus industry combined with customer project experience

Solution Analyst

Maintains a finger on the pulse at industry councils, fairs, and seminars

Supply Chain Consultant

Feeds the innovation team with customer feedback and lessons learned

User Engagement Consultant

Collects and transfers customer feedback gathered in training and coaching sessions

User Engagement Manager

Channels customer feedback and improvement potential as identified by their team

Pushing the envelope

Exploring the potential of new technologies

Technology is changing rapidly, continually opening up new opportunities. At OMP, we don’t follow the hypes. Instead, we focus on what really helps our customers move forward. We’re constantly on the lookout for technological novelties and breakthroughs. Asking ourselves what truly adds more value. And finding new ways to use innovation to boost customer happiness.

Cloud Architect

Investigates innovations in the area of cloud technology

Data Scientist

Explores new ways for data science to help boost customer value

Product Expert

Scans technology with an eye for innovative opportunities that spark new functionalities

Product Architect

Absorbs relevant technology into our solution’s road map design

Software Architect

Looks for new evolutions and potential breakthroughs to get our software to the next level

Designing tomorrow’s applications

Analysis and solution design

We set ambitious goals for ourselves to provide our customers with the smartest supply chain planning solution on the market. Pushing the boundaries of what’s technically imaginable. We create functionality that makes a difference in real life. Together with our customers, consultants, and software engineers, our Product Design team envisions where we’re heading next.

Product Analyst

Performs functional analyses of new features and functionalities

Product Architect

Vouches for the high-level functional design and the road map development’s action plan

Product Expert

Gives expert advice on specific product features and functionalities

Product Manager

Decides on the future design efforts for specific software products

Solution Architect

Provides the global design to fit our industry solutions to future customer needs

Solution Analyst

Develops the detailed analysis of new industry solutions features and functionalities

Software Architect

Validates the functional design from a technical perspective and translates it into a high-level technical design

Making the magic happen

Building and delivering our software

Once the functional design has been technically validated, Software Development defines the details and begins implementation, covering all aspects from analysis, architecture, design to programming and debugging. Product Design supervises conformity with the functional design and provides final validation of functionalities at the end of the development cycle. Meanwhile, Quality Assurance manages scrum testing, integrated testing, and release testing. When the standard documentation is completed, we’re all set for commercial release.

Development Project Manager

Coordinates both functional and technical aspects of one or more development projects making sure the software deliverables are available on time and within budget

Quality Assurance Test Engineer

Is accountable for designing and performing manual and automatic functional testing

Quality Assurance Test Manager

Supervises test activities for a given functionality, solution, testing method, or technology

Software Architect

Translates functional into technical designs and performs the consecutive technical analyses

Software Development Manager

Supervises the software development process and guides the team towards success

Software Engineer

Directs detailed technical analyses, programming, and debugging

Training & Documentation Consultant

Designs and writes training programs, standard product documentation, and release notes

Training & Documentation Manager

Manages and inspires the activities of the training and documentation activities for specific projects, functionalities, or solutions