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Product Design

Architects of the future

Key challenge

Product Design makes the blueprints for our solution, pushing the limits of technology. And we share our vision and expertise with customers and colleagues.

Customer focus

Right from the start, our expertise helps customers find the solution they need. We support the implementation team and capture customer needs to spot opportunities for product improvement.

Evelien Pommé

“Understanding exactly what the customer needs has to be top of mind. What challenges do they face? And how can we help? Being able to think outside the box is really important. The more creative your mindset, the easier it is to come up with the perfect solution.”

Evelien, Senior Product Analyst

Customer and solution matchmaking

Helping customers make informed decisions
During presales, the first step we take with a potential customer is to demonstrate the assets OMP can offer. Based on our product know-how and industry insight, we assist them to make the right choices in solving their specific supply chain challenges.

Implementation support

Reinforcing project teams
Our expert team knows all the ins and outs of our business planning functions and software features. Additionally, we host dedicated solver experts and data scientists. As part of our service offering, we provide targeted expert support to complement our project teams.

Continuous improvement

Sensing future customer needs
Product Design keeps a finger on the customer’s pulse. We carefully gather user feedback and ask questions about their dreams. Our ability to transform wishes into new features and technologies explains our leading position in the market.

Technical focus

To work in Product Design, you need a curious mind and keen insight into our technology capabilities. Our team is home to supply chain specialists, mathematical modelers, and data scientists.

Creative technology design

Translating customer needs into functionalities
Drafting a product road map requires creative thinking and advanced technical affinity. Based on a deep insight into our technology’s possibilities, we translate market needs into value-adding functionalities. We collaborate closely with Software Development to make the magic happen.


Applied software development
Starting from the generic planning software built by Software Development, our team adds an additional industry layer to target business-specific challenges. On top of that, we write and deploy software updates for quick wins in between releases.

Data science modeling

Using data science to optimize results
Our data science specialists analyze, discover, and validate new algorithms and brief our software engineers on how to integrate them into our technology. We also support Advisory with quantitative studies and modeling that provide deep, data-driven insights into the customer’s supply chain.


“You have to understand the business you’re working in. As a data scientist, you need to keep yourself open to listening and learning from the context, otherwise you’re meaninglessly applying algorithms. That shouldn’t be what it’s about.”

Jeroen, Senior Data Scientist
Garazi, Product Analyst

Network focus

We work closely together with Software Development to steer the development process from idea to product launch. Both Customer Solutions and our customers serve as our sounding board.

Broes De Cat

“Innovation is crucial in product design, and research plays a big part. At OMP we’re open to new ideas and insights, sensing what the market needs, whether it’s interacting with colleagues at a conference or with customers. That’s how we stay at the cutting edge.”

Broes, Product Innovation Manager

Software Development

Teaming up for stronger solutions
In close collaboration with Software Development, we create feasible plans based on thorough scoping and technical validation. Next, we drive and monitor the correct implementation of our functional design from start to finish.

Customer Solutions

Co-designing product road maps
Consultants and business development managers play a vital role in sensing market needs. They help us choose and rearrange priorities along the process. Together, we make sure that our solution adds future customer value and pushes speed and collaboration.

External customers

A finger on the pulse
Some of our experts take part in the commercial process. Direct market feedback triggers the ideation process, pinpoints innovation opportunities, and helps to validate design priorities. That’s why they play an active role in our industry and innovation councils.