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Quality Assurance

Laying the foundation for software excellence

Key challenge

Developing high-quality software requires two important things. First, a clean design with defensive coding and thorough unit testing. Second, a systematic control of the entire development process.

Customer focus

Delivering high quality at low cost and short lead times.

Myriam Wagemans

“People don’t see their own mistakes, and software engineers are no different. My team makes sure the quality of OMP software is maintained — it’s our job to find the little errors that could be costly. Every bug I catch means there’s less stress for the customer.”

Myriam, Senior Quality Assurance Test Engineer

Striving for top quality

Quality builds trust
At OMP, retaining customer trust is a priority. We help with this effort by making sure our solution’s quality remains steady over time. Our process is fully ISO27K-compliant and is audited externally. As an autonomous team, we work independently from development and sales.

Reducing the total cost of ownership

Fewer losses, more value
Preventing bugs, errors, and mistakes from happening saves customers huge amounts of money. We create value by avoiding loss, although it’s hard to quantify how much our contribution accounts for in the end.

Speeding up the process

On-time delivery
Quality Assurance reduces lead time in our software development process. We avoid the need to backtrack in the process to solve errors from a previous phase. This keeps production on schedule and helps us to deliver new product builds and releases on time.

Technical focus

We love to dive into new technologies while relying on our functional instinct and deep industry knowledge.

Fan of the latest technologies

Keeping up with new software
Do you have an inquisitive mind? If so, you’ll enjoy keeping up with the most exciting technological evolutions in the market. As testers, we challenge ourselves to remain on top of what goes on in our field of expertise. Our world changes at the speed of light. Can you keep up?

Breathing functionality

Thinking like our customers
We constantly ask ourselves what our customers want and how they use our solution. That’s key to searching for possible flaws and analyzing where things might go wrong. Functionality is paramount. That’s why we welcome practical people with a no-nonsense mentality.

Understanding industries

Supply chain experience is a bonus
To think like our customers, we need to understand their challenges inside out. Advanced applied industry expertise is hard to come by. But don’t you worry about that. We support our employees and can help boost your supply chain knowledge in no time.

Johnson & Johnson

“We test our systems to find their breaking point. But we also have to think like the customers who use the software and understand how they use it. What exactly do they see? What do they need? How do they react? It takes a curious mind.”

John, Quality Assurance Test Engineer

Network focus

Quality Assurance is well-connected throughout our entire company. We improve processes to optimize the way our organization thinks and works. This keeps our customers satisfied.

Nataliya Boyanivska

“A critical view is vital, and just standing back for a moment gives us the perspective to see the whole process and what holds it together. We can then see what needs to be done and help drive a road map for the future. Quality truly matters.”

Nataliya, Quality Assurance Test Manager

Coaching our solution builders

From Product Design to Software Development to Customer Solutions
Beginning with the analysis stage, we search for potential errors in the functional design, technical requirements, and software development. We develop testing scenarios and perform technical reviews with special attention to the joints that combine our solution’s many components.

Closing the loop with Customer Services

Learning from end users
Customer Services provides us with feedback on the issues customers encounter while using our software. Together, we analyze bug reports, identify root causes, and discuss potential improvements to take our solution’s quality to the next level.

Feeding our solution’s architects with new ideas

Pushing quality as part of our road map
Quality matters. That’s why our specialists play a vital role in our innovation track. We point out weaknesses in both the process and the joints that hold it all together. From there, we make suggestions to improve our solution’s quality. Our critical view is vital to the design of our solution’s road map.