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What we stand for

The things that matter to us most

Creating value is our mission

From solving problems to making our customers’ day

Long before AI became popular, we embraced it to solve real business problems in the dynamic supply chain planning world. Starting with mathematical solutions for complex optimization challenges, we soon moved up to designing and optimizing our customers’ entire supply chain planning.

Our smart software solutions, packed with solver technology and AI, combined with our intelligent services, have been keeping many Fortune 500 companies on top of their game for decades now. With an impressive track record of successful projects and happy customers, we have grown into a highly valued player in the supply chain planning business.


“At OMP we’re committed to excellence in everything we do, working hard so that our customers succeed. They know we’re in it for the long haul. I think that’s why they love us.”

Anita Van Looveren, CEO at OMP

Company values

5 P’s make a world of difference

At OMP, we help customers facing complex planning challenges excel, grow, and thrive. What drives us is the desire to empower, motivate, and inspire supply chain professionals to outperform themselves. Our guiding values are people, passion, pride, promise, and partner. Five little words with a massive impact on everything we do.


People - that means you and your colleagues. And also, our customers, our suppliers, our business partners, our stakeholders. We put people first in everything we do. Together we create the synergy that OMP is all about.


We are passionate about our work. Our passion is our driving force in everything we do. Passion is our never-ending source of energy.


We take pride and pleasure in our work. Pride pushes us to walk the extra mile on the path to excellence. We are the leaders, the best-in-class.


Promises we make will always be kept, whether our commitment is with customers, colleagues or other stakeholders. A word is a word, whoever we are talking to. Our commitment is to excel and innovate.


We aim for long-term partnerships with our customers. Our focus is on delivering customer value. Respect, balance, and sustainability are key in our relationships. We work together as partners and go for a long-term win for all.

Our future vision

A constant quest for better

Supply chains keep getting more complex. Big data opens up exciting opportunities. Collaboration gains importance as more players are joining the value chain. At OMP, we plan ahead today to lead the way tomorrow. Interested in our vision? Discover what the future holds.

Why you need Unison Planning

What customers and experts say

Gavin Revell

“OMP is the right partner, with the right technology, to help us achieve our vision.”

Gavin Revell, Director Business Engagement & Regional IS at pladis

Efficiency vs effectiveness

"We have launched a research project in collaboration with OMP to better understand what the planning system and the role of the planner will look like in the future.”

Ann Vereecke, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Vlerick Business School

Wouter Verbeke 1

“In our collaboration with OMP, we explore new methodologies for improving forecasting, and the efficiency and efficacy of supply chain management.”

Wouter Verbeke, Associate Professor of Business Informatics and Data Analytics at the Free University of Brussels