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Navigating customers through our solutions

Career focus

Translating complex technology into comprehensible information and documentation.

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Why I like my job

Meet some of our guides and discover what they love about what they do.

Enabling people to outclass themselves

"I understand the complex functionality of the solutions we offer and can translate that knowledge into comprehensible training and documentation. I like to support both our customers and consultants to fully understand the value of our solution. Taking them to the next level, so they can make the most of it."

Sven, Training & Documentation Consultant in the Product Design team

A gateway to a range of career options

"I analyze how our solutions work, document which steps to take, and develop training programs to help others understand. As our solution keeps evolving, I grow along with it. The fun part is, I have a lot of options. I could dive into specific functionality, specialize in industry solutions, concentrate on documentation, become an expert or develop into a project manager. In a fast-growing company like ours, the opportunities are for the taking."

Winne, Training & Documentation Consultant in the Product Design team

A challenge for my brain

"I like to dive into complex subject matter and break it down to the essentials. It's quite a challenge to make others feel confident enough to master our technology, especially with our solution expanding the way it does. Keeping things simple for our customers is not as easy as it sounds, but that's exactly what I like about it."

Jan, Training & Documentation Consultant in the Product Design team

Bridging users and technology

"In our job, we don't need to know everything ourselves. It's more important for us to know whom we can turn to. I have good connections with my colleagues from design to development in case the technology isn’t completely clear to me. But I keep in touch with our consultants too. Basically, I build bridges between technology and users. Bringing out the logic and making complexity manageable."

Iris, Training & Documentation Consultant in the Product Design team

Team spirit

"The people I work with really matter to me. We all push each other to do our very best. And we all share the same values. Put many great minds at work together, and you’ll get a fantastic working atmosphere."

Laurena, Training & Documentation Manager in the Product Design team

Let’s be flexible

"I‘m fond of flexibility. We have gliding office hours, and can work from home half of the time. That helps the team organize their work in the most optimal way. When they are writing documentation, they need to focus, and that often works best when they’re at home. On other days, we meet at the office and discuss training and documentation formats with the team. Productivity and flexibility go hand in hand. We know under which conditions we perform, and OMP gives us all the freedom to organize our life accordingly.”

Katrien, Training & Documentation Manager in the Product Design team

Work hard, play hard

"I love organizing the onboarding of our new colleagues. We work hard to support them and make sure they feel part of the team. Sharing ideas and experiences, having fun together is important too. We have great sports and entertainment facilities, as well as regular fun activities. They bring us together and make everybody feel connected."

Ann'Drea,Training Coordinator in the Product Design team