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OMP reaches the 1,000-employee milestone

June 6, 2023

OMP reaches the 1,000-employee milestone

OMP celebrated reaching the 1,000-employee milestone with a fun event at the company head office in Antwerp, Belgium, yesterday. A time capsule containing a selection of pre-recorded testimonials, predictions, and present-day items was buried in the company garden. It will be dug up and revealed in 2030.

OMP has been steadily growing as an international leader in supply chain planning over the past years. The company decided that reaching the 1,000 employees mark in March this year was the perfect way to spice up the summer company meeting with a joyful event. People enjoyed a wide range of snacks, including nostalgic candy from the past and futuristic insect bars.

Testimonials and predictions buried for discovery in 2030

Central to the event was the burial of a time capsule containing testimonial videos of employees’ life at OMP and predictions for the future ready for discovery in 2030. Every employee could also submit physical items they find representative of today’s life at OMP. Buried items included pictures of the company, gadgets, and footage of employees visiting the metaverse. In addition, CEO Anita Van Looveren looked into her crystal ball to predict the future of the company. Employees in OMP’s regional offices were welcome to submit video testimonials and follow the event via live stream.

Meanwhile, OMP is still hiring as its AI-driven solutions continue to be in high demand among the biggest and most successful companies in the world. When will OMP break the 2,000-employee milestone? And how many people will attend the reveal event on 5 June 2030? The bets are open.



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