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OMP’s onboarding program
Your path to success as a supply chain consultant

OMP's onboarding program: Your path to success as a supply chain consultant

Thinking of becoming a supply chain consultant? It’s a fulfilling and challenging role – and we’re happy to support you as you grow and evolve your skills. To accelerate your progress and success, we offer an elaborate onboarding with a wide range of trainings and coaching.

For supply chain consultants, we’ve also developed a specialized onboarding project that equips you with the confidence and skills needed to dive into customer projects and thrive in the dynamic world of supply chain consulting.


Training, hands-on experience, coaching: 3 steps to success

What does our onboarding program entail? Let us walk you through it:

  • Training: Each onboarding program starts with teacher-led sessions and e-learning modules to prepare you for the onboarding project.
  • Simulated project: Immerse yourself in a simulated customer project alongside your fellow newcomers. This hands-on experience allows you to implement user stories using our implementation methodology. From Azure DevOps to environment setup, test scripts to sprint demos, you'll work in small groups, using a variety of tools and materials.
  • Dedicated coaching: Throughout your onboarding program, our onboarding day-to-day coach will be your trusted guide. With a focus on individual attention, our coaches assist a small group of around 6 starters. They provide support during training and organize regular check-ins. During your onboarding, they answer your daily questions and offer technical expertise. At the end of the program, they provide personal feedback to help you grow.
Day-to-day coachee

"The first day was a really warm welcome. You got to meet your onboarding day-to-day coach. And you really felt that they had your back on everything."

Damien De Smedt, Consultant

Flexible onboarding 

We believe in investing in our people right from day one. Our comprehensive and immersive onboarding program lasts approximately 10-12 weeks. To ensure flexibility, we offer specified start dates every month, allowing you to start your program when it suits you.

This program is available at our offices in Antwerp (Belgium), Atlanta (US), Mumbai (India), and Shanghai (China). In most cases, junior consultants based in Europe, join the program in the head office in Antwerp. However, we tailor each onboarding experience to your location and role.


Ready to make a real impact in the world of supply chain solutions and customer success? Take the first step in your success story at OMP. Apply now!


Laura Murray

"Through OMP's onboarding program, my colleagues are better equipped to handle the responsibilities of being part of a fast-paced and complex customer project."

Laura Murray, Manager